Is Xiomara A Rare Name?

In other words, Xiomara is a name used so infrequently – probably less than 100 babies per year – that she doesn't even show up on our list anymore. Still, there are several things appealing about this name. One, it's uncommon. via

Is Xiomara a biblical name?

Baby Name: Xiomara

Possibly the Spanish feminine form of Guiomar that uses the element "Mara" from the Hebrew word that means "bitter" and is mentioned twice in the Bible. It caught on as a popular given name for girls in 2004. via

Where is the name Xiomara popular?

Xiomara is unsurprisingly much more common in Spanish-speaking countries, particularly those in Central and South America. Xiomara Alfaro was an iconic Cuban bolero singer from the midcentury. She was known as La Alondra de la Cancion — The Lark of Music. via

What does Xiomara mean in Aztec?

Xiomara means: guest, stranger. via

What is a nickname for Xiomara?

Nicknames: Mara, Zia, Zizi, Xio, Zara. via

How do you say Xiomara? (video)

Is Xiomara a Hispanic name?

Xiomara is a feminine Spanish given name, which is a variant of Guiomar and derived from the German name Wigmar, which means "battle ready" or "battle famous". In the United States it ranked 986th place in names for female newborns in 2010. via

Is Xiomara a Greek name?

▲ as a name for girls has its root in Greek, and the name Xiomara means "guest, stranger". Xiomara is a variant form of Xenia (Greek). via

What does Rogelio mean in English?

r(o)-ge-lio. Origin:German. Popularity:2101. Meaning:famous spearman. via

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    What does the name Xochitl mean?

    Xochitl as a girl's name is of Aztec origin. Xochitl means "flower". via

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