How Much Is It To Buy An Inflatable Water Slide?

Consumer grade Vinyl Crossover™ inflatable water slides typically start in the $800 to $900 range, and can cost up to $1300 or more. Meanwhile, commercial inflatable water slides can cost anywhere from $1500 to $8000 or even more. via

Where should inflatable water slides be stored?

Make sure your inflatables are clean, dry, and undamaged. Roll them up properly and store them in vinyl storage bags. Keep them someplace warm, clean, dry, and preferably off the ground. Don't expose them to rain or snow. via

Does Costco sell inflatable water slides?

Exciting and Entertaining Inflatable Water Slide. Constructed of Heavy Duty Materials. Powered by High Quality and Powerful UL Blower, Included. Inflates in a Minutes. via

What is the best water slide to buy?

Here are the top inflatable water slides for kids currently on the market.

  • Sunny & Fun Deluxe Water Park.
  • Banzai Pipeline Sidewinder Slide.
  • Intex Rainbow Ring.
  • Blast Zone Pirate Bay.
  • Blast Zone Hydro Rush.
  • Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide.
  • BounTech Inflatable Double Slide Bounce House.
  • Little Tikes Rocky Mountain.
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    How much does a water park cost?

    Construction costs will vary depending upon how large of a facility you wish to build and where in the country you're building, but average between $250 and $600 per square foot. Reports indicate an indoor park with 2720 square feet would set you back almost $690,000. via

    What is the biggest inflatable water slide?

    Freestyle Slides (USA) recently created the ultimate drop slide to thrill the guests of pop-up water park Xscape at the City in Perth, Australia – and at a terrifying 22.4 m tall the attraction earned a Guinness World Records title for being the Tallest inflatable slide in the world. via

    Can inflatable water slides be used dry?

    Inflatable combos can be used wet or dry, as long as they do not rely on the weight of water in the splash area for added stability. While home-use slides are not quite as slick when they are used without water, you can easily remedy this by sliding in sweat pants and socks. via

    Should I put a tarp under my bounce house?

    Before you roll out your bounce house, you should lay out a tarp on the ground that's large enough to completely separate the bounce house from the grass. It protects the bounce house from any debris (rocks, twigs, etc.) on the ground you may have missed before setting up. via

    What do you put under an inflatable water slide?

    Accessories for your Inflatable Water Slide

  • Hose. It might sound obvious, but you want a good hose for your inflatable.
  • Tarp. You are probably going to want to put a tarp under your inflatable water slide.
  • Ball Pit Balls. grab a bag of ball pit balls to use in your pool when it is not full of water!
  • Sand Bags.
  • Storage Box.
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    How do you make a giant water slide? (video)

    How do you make a slip and slide?

  • STEP 1: Choose a location for your DIY slip 'n slide.
  • STEP 2: Fold the plastic sheeting in half lengthwise.
  • STEP 3: Use landscape anchor pins to fix the sheeting in place.
  • STEP 4: Turn on the hose; consider adding baby soap for extra slipperiness.
  • STEP 5: Have a blast!
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    Can adults go on inflatable water slides?

    Inflatable water slides big enough for adults exist, and you can purchase them for your own backyard so you can go from overheated to gleefully sliding your way to a refreshing dunk in no time. We've gathered our favorites of the ones available to order online so you can peruse and choose based on your summer setup. via

    How long do inflatable water slides last?

    Dry bounce houses can have a lifespan of at least 7 years, with commercial water slides expected to last a minimum of 5 years with regular maintenance. via

    Are water slides a good investment?

    Investing in commercial inflatable water slides is a very profitable business. This could bring you lots of potential customers who want to rent the water slide during hot summer days. Having a water slide in a backyard is a better alternative for parents instead of taking their kids to public pools. via