How Much Does It Cost For An Inflatable Water Slide?

Just how much does an inflatable water slide cost, really? Consumer grade Vinyl Crossover™ inflatable water slides typically start in the $800 to $900 range, and can cost up to $1300 or more. Meanwhile, commercial inflatable water slides can cost anywhere from $1500 to $8000 or even more. via

What is the best inflatable water slide?

  • Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Park.
  • Bounceland Jump and Splash.
  • Sunny & Fun Deluxe Water Park.
  • Banzai Pipeline Sidewinder Slide.
  • Intex Rainbow Ring.
  • Blast Zone Pirate Bay.
  • Blast Zone Hydro Rush.
  • Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide.
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    How long do inflatable water slides last?

    Dry bounce houses can have a lifespan of at least 7 years, with commercial water slides expected to last a minimum of 5 years with regular maintenance. via

    Do inflatable water slides need to be on grass?

    Your commercial bounce house shouldn't have any adverse effects on grass. If the lawn is well maintained, the bounce house is used only temporarily, and a non-black tarp is used beneath it, your bounce house or inflatable water slide should have no real impact on the grass. via

    How much do you tip a bounce house guy?

    So now that you are a little more aware of what goes into the delivery and pickup process of those fun bounce houses and water slides, lets consider a few things. In the U.S. it is usually customary to tip for services anywhere from 10-15% depending on the level of service. via

    Is a bounce house business profitable?

    Starting an inflatable bounce house business can be a very profitable home business or a lucrative full time operation. The Inflatable Party Rental Business is growing in excess of $3.5 Billion a year. via

    Can adults go on inflatable water slides?

    Inflatable water slides big enough for adults exist, and you can purchase them for your own backyard so you can go from overheated to gleefully sliding your way to a refreshing dunk in no time. We've gathered our favorites of the ones available to order online so you can peruse and choose based on your summer setup. via

    Are inflatable water slides safe?

    If this is the first time you're hearing about these, you might be asking yourself "are inflatable water slides safe?" But you don't have to worry - they're very safe to play on and slide down. via

    Are water slides a good investment?

    Investing in commercial inflatable water slides is a very profitable business. This could bring you lots of potential customers who want to rent the water slide during hot summer days. Having a water slide in a backyard is a better alternative for parents instead of taking their kids to public pools. via

    Can you use inflatable water slide without water?

    Inflatable combos can be used wet or dry, as long as they do not rely on the weight of water in the splash area for added stability. Bounce and Slide combos like the Princess Palace and the Misty Kingdom work well without water, thanks to their fun castle themes and their multiple-activity designs. via

    How long does it take for a bounce house to inflate?

    Q: How Long does it take to inflate my bouncer? A: Each Inflatable is different. Most inflatables have an inflate time of under 2 minutes. via

    How do you make inflatable slides slippery?

    Any liquid soap, like dish soap, baby soap, body wash, shampoo, or even bubble bath will make a slip and slide more slippery. You may even get some bubbles that make the slide more fun. Add some oil. Normal household oils like baby oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil can be used to make a slip and slide more slippery. via

    Do inflatable pools ruin grass?

    When inflatable pools are set up in yards or lawns, they smother the grass underneath from necessary sunlight, water, and air. If a pool stays in one spot for a long period, the grass will die. Moving your inflatable pool daily or placing a barrier underneath it can keep it from killing the grass. via

    Should I put a tarp under my bounce house?

    Before you roll out your bounce house, you should lay out a tarp on the ground that's large enough to completely separate the bounce house from the grass. It protects the bounce house from any debris (rocks, twigs, etc.) on the ground you may have missed before setting up. via

    Can inflatable water slides go on concrete?

    Water slides can be set up on driveways or concrete pads, but there are special requirements and procedures for doing this. First of all, the slide must be completely secured at all tether points using straps, stakes or sandbags. via