How Can I Be A Better Wife To My Husband?

  • Be your husband's biggest supporter.
  • Give your husband space and freedom.
  • Be his wife, not his mother.
  • Challenge him in the ways he needs to be challenged.
  • Be more selfless whenever possible.
  • Think before you criticize.
  • Be generous with your praise.
  • Make your marriage (and your husband) a priority.
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    What are the duties of a wife?

    As a wife, she is expected to serve her husband, preparing food, clothing and other personal needs. As a mother, she has to take care of the children and their needs, including education. As a worker, she has to be professional, disciplined and a good employee. via

    What are the qualities of a good wife material?

    10 Qualities That Make Her Wifey Material

  • The ability to handle setbacks in life.
  • Caring for herself physically.
  • A kind personality.
  • Being able to love you for you.
  • Someone who is goal-oriented.
  • She gets along with your family.
  • Values in common with you.
  • Financial management skills.
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    What are the rules of being a wife?


  • Avoid arguments.
  • Don't nag.
  • Don't drink or eat to excess.
  • If you offend your husband, always ask forgiveness before you retire.
  • Compliment your husband liberally.
  • Budget wisely together.
  • Be sociable and go out with your husband.
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    What husbands want to hear from their wives?

    10 Things Husbands Want to Hear from their Wives

  • “I love being your wife.”
  • “You're an outstanding father.”
  • “I'm really attracted to you.
  • “I really respect the decision you made.”
  • “I know how important it is to live within our means.
  • “I'm so grateful for your spiritual leadership.”
  • “You are so wise.”
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    How can I be a housewife in 2020?

  • Model graciousness for your family.
  • Adopt a cleaning routine Establishing a cleaning routine makes cleaning easier and helps keep you on track.
  • Invite friends or family over for a dinner party.
  • Create a budget.
  • Cut grocery costs.
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    What are a husbands duties?

    The 2018 husband must work closely with his wife to provide emotional and financial support for the children, provide appropriate monitoring and discipline and most importantly, remain a permanent and loving presence in both his wife's and his children's lives. via

    What is a good wife?

    A good wife is one that respects her husband. She respects her husband's need to be the 'fixer' in the relationship. She knows her husband is not going to be a passive listener. It's not in his genetic make-up to 'just' listen without trying to make the situation a resolved situation. via

    What is the real meaning of wife?

    A wife is a female partner in a continuing marital relationship. The term continues to be applied to a woman who has separated from her husband and ceases to be applied to such a woman only when her marriage has come to an end following a legally recognised divorce or the death of her spouse. via

    What kind of girl is wife material?

    Wifey Material is a phrase used to describe the qualities of a woman that would be an absolutely great wife. The specific traits vary among men, but there are a few universals that all men seem to agree upon. via

    What makes a woman beautiful to a man?

    Men find women more attractive according to science when they are smart, intelligent, caring, confident, have a good sense of humor, kind, independent, and supportive. Although these qualities may generally apply, what one man may find the most attractive may differ from another. via

    What is not wifey material?

    For example, a woman who chooses to drink her Saturday nights away at a bar with her friends would not necessarily be considered “wifey material.” Instead, she would be deemed irresponsible, reckless, immature, unintelligent and, if she hooks up with someone, a whore — all of which are incompatible with the caretaker via

    What is the golden rule of marriage?

    The golden rule for a wife is: if you want your husband to respond lovingly toward you, then meet his need to feel respected. I call this principle the Energizing Cycle: his love motivates her respect and her respect motivates his love. via

    What are the rules for a happy marriage?

    10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last Forever

  • Forgive. Forgiveness is one of the main ingredients of a successful marriage.
  • Apologize. One of the most important rules for a happy marriage is to apologize to each other.
  • Don't be afraid to argue.
  • Listen.
  • Appreciate.
  • Embrace change.
  • Be a team.
  • Respect each other.
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    How can a woman keep her marriage?

  • Learn to communicate in a healthy way.
  • Give due importance to sexual intimacy.
  • Don't keep the financial aspects of your marriage on the back burner.
  • Value yourself before anyone else.
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