Does Julie Andrews Write Children’s Books?

Andrews, known to young fans for her movie roles in "Mary Poppins" or, more recently, "The Princess Diaries," has been writing children's books since the early 1970s. Andrews wrote her first book, "Mandy," after she lost a game to her stepdaughter, Jennifer. via

How many children's books has Julie Andrews written?

She and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, an arts educator and theater professional, have coauthored over twenty books for young readers, including Simeon's Gift, The Great American Mousical, Thanks to You: Wisdom from Mother & Child, and the recent New York Times bestsellers The Very Fairy Princess and Julie Andrews via

How many of Julie Andrews children are adopted?

Julia Andrews is one of the most iconic names in Hollywood, but she remains humble and takes pride in her two adopted girls and one biological daughter. Her years in the industry made Julie Andrews one of the most known and well-respected entertainers of all time. via

Does Julie Andrews have a podcast?

Julie Andrews's New Podcast, Julie's Library, Is Practically Perfect in Every Way. You might know Julie Andrews from Mary Poppins or The Princess Diaries, and now you can get to know her even more with the launch of her new podcast, Julie's Library! via

How old was Julie Andrews when she lost her voice?

Julie Andrews was just over 60 years old when the incident happened. She was still as active as ever in her singing career at the time. After a trip to the doctor, she learned that she had non-cancerous vocal nodules in her throat. via

What is Julie Andrews doing now?

Most recently, she has voiced characters in Aquaman and the Despicable Me franchise; four years ago, she did a series for Netflix — a kids show called Julie's Greenroom. She and Hamilton have written a series of children's books, some of which will be featured on Julie's Library. via

How old is Julie Andrews now?

Julie Andrews via

How rich is Julie Andrews?

According to, Julie Andrews is worth a staggering $30million (£21.7million). This is unsurprising when you consider her long career at the very top of the acting industry. via

What nationality is Julie Andrews?

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What is Julie Andrews most famous for?

Best known for her roles in stage and film musicals, including “My Fair Lady,” THE SOUND OF MUSIC, and MARY POPPINS, Andrews has concentrated in later years on acting on the screen rather than singing, appearing in husband Blake Edwards' films, including S.O.B. and THAT'S LIFE. Andrews had a somewhat unusual childhood. via

Which von Trapp actors are still alive?

  • Julie Andrews played Maria, a feisty nun who takes a job as a governess for the seven von Trapp children.
  • Julie Andrews is now the narrator of the hit Netflix period drama series "Bridgerton."
  • Christopher Plummer played the aloof Captain Georg von Trapp.
  • Christopher Plummer recently passed away at the age of 91.
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    Did Julie Andrews sing in Mary Poppins?

    After this hard-to-top one-two punch, Andrews went on to star in films including “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and in her husband Blake Edwards' “Victor/Victoria.” Though she damaged her singing voice while performing onstage in “Victor/Victoria,” she came back into the spotlight with the children of the original “Mary via