Car Ride Games For Kids

  • Turn your backseat into a movie theater.
  • Pack a treasure chest.
  • Bring kid-friendly audiobooks.
  • Download versatile apps.
  • Turn snacking into an activity.
  • Try Road Trip Bingo.
  • Play (fun) educational games.
  • Plan pit stops in advance.
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    What's a fun game to play in the car?

    10 free and fun games to play in the car

  • License plate game. A car full of kids, a few pads of paper, pens and the open road.
  • I Spy.
  • Punch buggy.
  • 20 questions.
  • Hold your breath.
  • Guess the time.
  • Memory game.
  • Quiet game.
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    What can kids play in the car?

    21 Fun Games to Play in the Car

  • The License Plate Game. Make a group effort to spot tags from all 50 states.
  • Trivia Questions.
  • Story Time.
  • Questions.
  • The Alphabet Game.
  • The Animal Name Game.
  • Twenty Questions.
  • Telephone.
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    How do you play road trips? (video)

    How do you make a car ride fun for kids?

  • Quiet Individual Road Trip Activities for Kids.
  • Sticker Books. Kids of all ages love sticker books.
  • Travel Etch A Sketch.
  • Magnets with a Cookie Sheet.
  • Silly Putty.
  • Perplexus.
  • Pipe Cleaners.
  • Coloring Books and Colored Pencils.
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    What can families do on a long car ride?

    15 Things to Do on a Long Car Ride (Besides Playing 'I Spy')

  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Or try an audiobook.
  • Play the state license plate game.
  • Take a rest.
  • Play Mad Libs.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Have a snack.
  • Connect with each other.
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    What to do in a car when you're bored?

  • Listen To A Podcast.
  • Listen To An Audio Book.
  • Listen to Stand Up Comedy.
  • Ask Eachother Some Road Trip Questions.
  • Play Road Trip Games With Other Passengers.
  • Find A New Playlist.
  • Learn a Language.
  • Read a Book or Blog.
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    What games can you play on a long car ride?

    10 road trip games to help you survive long car journeys

  • The number plate game. A car full of kids, a few pads of paper, pens and the open road.
  • Punch buggy.
  • 20 questions.
  • The 'I Spy' road trip game.
  • Guess the time.
  • Hold your breath.
  • The memory game.
  • The quiet game.
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    How do you play the name game?

    The game begins with everyone sitting in a circle, a player then says the name of someone famous. The next player then must say the name of a famous person whose first name starts with the same letter as the previously stated famous person's last name starts with. via

    What can kids do when they're bored in a car?

    10 Cool Car Games for Road Trips & Other Boring Backseat Moments

  • The Name Game. My son and his friends enjoy this one so much that they often want to keep playing after the drive is over.
  • My Cows.
  • Punch Buggy.
  • 20 Questions.
  • I Spy.
  • Name That Tune.
  • Add-on Storytelling.
  • License Plate Poker.
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    How do you make a car drive fun?

  • Listen to a Podcast.
  • Turn On an Upbeat Playlist.
  • Read a Book or Listen to One on Tape.
  • Call Someone You Haven't Talked to in Awhile.
  • Research Things to Do in Your Destination.
  • Play Road Trip BINGO.
  • Use Your Phone to Play Games.
  • Meditate.
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    How do I entertain my 4 year old in the car?

  • Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books. We love these books for church, quiet time at home, and especially long car rides.
  • Scavenger Hunt.
  • Workbooks.
  • Laptops & "Phones"
  • Sight Words Tin.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Activity Binder.
  • Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go.
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    How do you pass time while driving?

  • Make a playlist.
  • Download some podcasts, audiobooks, or comedy shows.
  • Judge all the other drivers.
  • Check out the scenery around you.
  • If all else fails, find a family member, friend, or even a stranger going to the same place.
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    What can you do on a road trip with your boyfriend?

    Fun Things for Couples to Do on a Road Trip

  • Snack.
  • Listen to a podcast on shorter couples road trips.
  • Listen to an audio book on a longer road trip for couples.
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    How do you play the license plate game? (video)